WSDOT property

WSDOT property

One hundred and four trees on Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) right of way have been identified for removal. These obstructions are south and west of Sea-Tac Airport on current or future SR 509 right of way, and represent approximately 60% of all trees currently identified for removal.

WSDOT administers its own standards for tree removal and replacement, and the Port is substantively complying with those standards. WSDOT also requires that any replanting occur on WSDOT parcels. The parcels on which many of the trees are being removed will soon be under highway construction. So, WSDOT will select sites near the airport on which to replant trees.

Obstructions on WSDOT property

Map showing site vicinity and locations of obstructions, including all jurisdictions.

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Orange dot

WSDOT-owned obstruction

Green diagonal lines

Port of Seattle ownership

Gray diagonal grid

WSDOT SR 509 right of way


light blue

City of Burien

light blue

City of Des Moines

light blue

City of SeaTac

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