Removal and Replanting

Removal/​Replanting Numbers

Property Owner Trees Removed Trees Planted/
to be Planted
Port of Seattle 789 3,800
WSDOT 102 8,000
Other Public Entities 47 188
Private 40 160
TOTAL 978 12,148

Photo of an area near SEA where there has been tree removal and replanting.

Photo of a newly-planted tree in an area near SEA where there has been tree removal.

Obstructions on non-Port public property and private property

Map showing jurisdictional location of obstructions on non-Port public and private property.

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Orange dot


Green diagonal lines

Port of Seattle ownership

Gray diagonal grid

WSDOT SR 509 right of way


light gray

City of Burien

light blue

City of Des Moines

light yellow

City of SeaTac

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