Other public property

Other public property

Fifty-three trees on non-WSDOT public property have been identified for removal. This includes 27 trees on Highline School District property, 19 trees on City of SeaTac right of way, six trees on Port property and one tree straddling public right of way and private property in the City of Des Moines. These obstructions are all south and west of Sea-Tac Airport. (Note: The Highline School District trees, adjacent to the district’s former Maywood School in the City of SeaTac, were removed in early 2020.)

Obstructions on public property

Map showing site vicinity and locations of obstructions on other public property.

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Orange dot


Green diagonal lines

Port of Seattle ownership

Gray diagonal grid

WSDOT SR 509 right of way


light blue

City of Burien

light blue

City of Des Moines

light blue

City of SeaTac

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