Other public property

Other public property

Outside of the trees on Port and WSDOT property, 47 trees were removed on other public property parcels. This included 26 trees on Highline School District property in the City of SeaTac and 21 trees on City of SeaTac right of way. These trees were all south and west of SEA.

The Port paid into the City of SeaTac’s tree replanting fund an amount equal to the cost of replanting four trees for every one tree that was removed. All replanting will be conducted by the City of SeaTac on city property.

Obstructions on public property

Map showing site vicinity and locations of obstructions on other public property.

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Orange dot


Green diagonal lines

Port of Seattle ownership

Gray diagonal grid

WSDOT SR 509 right of way


light gray

City of Burien

light blue

City of Des Moines

light yellow

City of SeaTac

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