To help ensure safe takeoffs and landings, the Port of Seattle is removing and replanting trees around Sea‑Tac Airport. These trees either were, are or will soon be encroaching upon the airport’s airspace. If not removed, they pose a risk to aircraft safety and the safety of the surrounding community in the event of an aircraft emergency.

All removal work on Port property is now complete. Replanting work on Port property is ongoing.

Work on non-Port public jurisdictions, residential and commercial properties is scheduled to begin next. Additional survey work, environmental review and public outreach will occur before any work ensues.

Interim Action

Ten trees on WSDOT and school district property north of S. 200th Street in the City of SeaTac have been identified by the FAA as impacting Sea-Tac’s flight procedures. As an interim measure, the trees were topped in late November and fixed with bird deterrents. A full environmental review will occur before any further action involving these ten trees is taken.

Airport Community Ecology Fund


The Airport Community Ecology (ACE) Fund, authorized by the Port of Seattle Commission, recognizes that neighboring communities that experience more impacts from airport operations should also experience more benefits. The Commission directed that the program support environmental projects and programs in the cities of SeaTac, Burien and Des Moines. Visit the ACE site to learn more about the program.

Hear the latest from Chipper Maney, Environmental Program Manager at the Port of Seattle, on the Program’s comprehensive mitigation replanting effort.

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