Photo of area near SEA where there has been tree removal and replanting.

Photo of area near SEA where there has been tree removal and replanting.

The Port of Seattle has an ongoing program to remove trees around SEA to improve safety during takeoffs and landings and replant in their place, native, low-growing trees.

The first phase of work, completed in 2019, centered around removing and replanting trees on Port property. During this phase, the Port established low-growing native forests onsite and at offsite mitigation areas. The second phase of work, centered on non-Port property, is complete. The next phase of work, involving Port and non-Port property, begins in 2023 with surveying for data collection. Removal and replanting is expected to begin in 2025.

The Port will continue to meet or exceed all federal, state and local regulations protecting the environment. As the State Environmental Policy Act lead agency, the Port will conduct environmental reviews with each phase of the program.

If you would like a response to a specific question, write to the Port at safecorridor@ portseattle.org.

Photo of a community group participating in a Port of Seattle-sponsored tree planting event.

South King County Fund

The Port of Seattle established the South King County Fund (SKCF) to develop equity-based partnerships and provide resources and support in historically underserved near-airport communities. The fund will award $10 million between 2019 and 2023 to address noise mitigation, environmental health and sustainability in these ethnically and culturally diverse communities. Learn more about the fund on the Port’s website.

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