Sites P‑4 & P‑5

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Last year, the Port Commission called for more community engagement before determining the removal and replanting approach for overheight trees on Port properties along S. 200th Street in the City of SeaTac (Sites P-4 and P-5). Most over-height conifers are located within the sites, and both are also adjacent to residential properties.

Please read through the removal alternatives and replanting options for Sites P-4 and P-5. Once done, share your feedback within the survey box at the bottom of the page.


Current characteristics of Sites P‑4 & P‑5


Site P-4 Characteristics
Site P-5 Characteristics

removal alternatives for Sites P‑4 & P‑5

Removal Alternative One: Clear Sites
Removal Alternative Two: Protect Understory
Removal Alternative Three: Sequence Removal
Removal Alternative Four: Clear Sites in Phases

Replanting Options for Sites P‑4 & P‑5

Replanting Option One: Uniform Planting
Replanting Option Two: Neighborhood Barrier
Replanting Option Three: Create a Tall Forest

Additional information Regarding Sites P‑4 & P‑5

Public Input
Tree Size and Growth Comparisons
Summary Comparisons

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