Sites P‑4 & P‑5


Last year, the Port Commission called for more community engagement before determining the removal and replanting approach for overheight trees on Port properties along S. 200th Street in the City of SeaTac (Sites P-4 and P-5). Most over-height conifers are located within the sites, and both are also adjacent to residential properties.

Using input submitted at a June 5 community workshop and through an online open house, the Port developed a preferred approach for sites P-4 and P-5 that reflects the community’s feedback. This approach, which was presented at the July 25 Port of Seattle Commission meeting, calls for removing only existing obstructions and preserving, to the extent feasible, all other trees and vegetation. Replanting work will re-establish a low-growing forest on-site with a neighborhood vegetation barrier and restore a tall-growing native forest just south of both sites. A key part of the approach will be to replace the invasive understory with native shrubs where possible. In some areas, the extent of the invasive plant cover will require the replacement of all vegetation.


Characteristics of Sites P‑4 & P‑5


Site P-4 Characteristics
Site P-5 Characteristics

Removal Approach for Sites P‑4 & P‑5

Sequence Removal

Replanting Approach for Sites P‑4 & P‑5

Create a Tall Forest

Additional information Regarding Sites P‑4 & P‑5

Public Input
Tree Size and Growth Comparisons
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