Why the need for the Flight Corridor Safety Program?

Removal of the trees will ensure Sea-Tac Airport complies with all Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations protecting the takeoff and landing corridors off the airport runways. These trees, which pose a risk to aircraft safety, are either penetrating the airport’s airspace or soon will grow tall enough to penetrate the airport’s airspace.

  • FAA regulations require airports to identify and manage obstructions to navigable airspace on and around the airport
  • Removal of obstructions helps ensure safe operation of aircraft takeoffs and landings
  • Airports around the country manage similar programs to protect the safety of the flying public
FAA and State Regulations

Examples of FAA Protected Surfaces          

7:1 Transitional Surface Example

(not to scale)

50:1 Approach Surface Example

(not to scale)

Obstruction Locations within FAA Protected Surfaces


The following maps identify the locations of obstructions that have been identified for removal.

FAA Surfaces and Obstructions Map

North Obstructions

South Obstructions

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